Young, Beginning and Small Farmers

Farm Credit offers several programs to assist young, beginning and small farmers in entering and remaining in the farming profession. 

Who are Young, Beginning or Small Farmers?

Customers who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Young - 35 years of age or younger
  • Beginning - Less than 10 years agricultural experience
  • Small - Farm production is less than $250,000 annually

Programs offered to young, beginning and small farmers 

  • Special Underwriting Program for young and beginning farmers - Farm Credit has created special underwriting standards on loans for agricultural purposes to young and beginning farmers
  • FSA Loan Guarantee Reimbursement for young or beginning farmers - Farm Credit waives its origination fee and reimburses young or beginning farmers for 50% of the Farm Service Agency guarantee fee.
  • Continuing Education Program for young or beginning farmers - Young or beginning farm customers will be reimbursed up to $500 (one time only) when they attend business, production, financial management or agricultural leadership development programs that will help them in their farm business.
  • Investment Program for small farmers - This program helps small farmers invest in diversified businesses that maintain and strengthen the infrastructure of rural communities.

These unique programs are available for young, beginning and small farmers in our service territory of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.  Contact your office today to see if you can qualify.


FSA low interest loan program  

If you've been farming less than 10 years, the Farm Service Agency has a direct lending program that you should check out. Farm Credit is a participating lender and can help you with the paperwork should you qualify. Here are the FSA website and Fact Sheet - Eligibility Requirements.  

Education benefit

When customers grow and learn, so does the organization that serves them. That’s our philosophy and one of the reasons we have introduced a program that reimburses educational expenses incurred when young or beginning customers attend and complete business, production, financial management or ag leadership programs that will help them in their farming operations.

“We believe investing in our customers’ ongoing development, particularly those who are young or new to farming,” said Dick Poe, senior vice president - financial services. “The idea is to provide opportunities our customers can leverage to enhance their knowledge of farming, agriculture and business management. Whether they’re looking to improve technical or leadership skills, or advance their knowledge in production agriculture, we want to help them achieve their goals.”
As an example, Farm Credit recently helped finance more than eight young farm customers’ attendance at a National Young Farmer Education program in where they not only sharpened their farm business skills, but visited and learned about agriculture in other parts of the country.
Farm Credit’s education reimbursement program is available to customers who are under the age of 35 or have been involved in farming less than 10 years. We also offer programs supporting young and beginning farmers including the reimbursement of FSA loan guarantee fees and modification of loan underwriting standards.