Equipment, Grain Bin and Facility Loans

When you need to update, replace or repair machinery, you'll find affordable and convenient financing at Farm Credit Services. You can borrow funds for new or used tractors and equipment, grain bins and facilities, farm and home improvements, farm trucks and vehicles, new buildings of all types, farm improvements (like tiling), livestock facilities and breeding livestock.

Fixed Rates

1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, or 10-year fixed rates with matching terms are available.

  • Get the security of a low fixed rate for the entire life of the loan
  • Use longer terms to reduce your payments and improve your operation’s cash flow

1-Year Adjustable Rates

Fixed for 12 months, then it rolls to another 1-year fixed period at the end of the first year.

  • You can convert to other products at the end of that first year
  • Terms are 1 to 7 years on equipment and up to 10 years on buildings

3-Year Adjustable Rates

Fixed for 36 months and rolls to another 3-year fixed period at the repricing anniversary.

  • Greater rate security
  • This product may be converted to other products
  • Terms are 3 to 7 years on machinery and up to 10 years on buildings

5-Year Adjustable Rates

Fixed for the first 5 years, then rolls to another 5-year fixed period (if needed).

  • Enables you to lock the rate over most of the life of the loan - for example, you could finance a new combine over 7 years and lock the rate for the first 5 years. Aterward, you might convert to a 2-year fixed period, taking advantage of lower rates for the shorter term
  • Terms are 5 to 7 years for equipment and up to 10 years on buildings

Variable Rates

30-day rate that can change monthly, depending on the market.

  • Price is based upon the cost of raising capital on the debt markets on Wall Street
  • Often one of our lowest rate options.
  • Offered on terms of 1 to 7 years for equipment and 10 years on buildings
  • Can be used for any equipment or building need.


LIBOR (London InterBank Offered Rate) is a global index that is commonly used to price loans around the world.  Your rate is indexed to LIBOR with a pre-established margin.

  • One of the lowest rate options available
  • Your rate can move up or down every 30 days, depending on the movement of the LIBOR index
  • Terms are 1 to 7 years on equipment and up to 10 years on buildings

Capital Lines of Credit

Similar to an operating line of credit, a capital line of credit can be set up for up to 4 years to purchase items such as equipment or breeding livestock.

  • When you purchase an item, funds are drawn and a schedule of payments is set up.  
  • Freedom to make purchases when the price is right – when you find a piece of needed equipment on sale or a discount offer – then your funds are right at hand to close the deal

Do you qualify? Visit our Farm Financing Eligibility page for more information or request an Equipment Loan Brochure. 


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Interest Rates

To get the latest interest rate information, please contact your local Farm Credit Mid-America office at 1-800-444-3276. You may also find and contact your office through our Office Locator or send us an email.