Operating loans

You select between savings and security with an array of loan options to fit your needs and match market trends. Operating loan choices include:

30-Day Variable Rate

The most popular product to finance operating needs.

  • Interest rate is established every 30 days, based upon our variable cost of funds
  • Loan rates can change  based on economic conditions
  • Follow interest rates by watching movements in the U.S. Prime Rate
LIBOR Indexed Variable Rate

LIBOR (London InterBank Offered Rate) often represents the lowest rate available from Farm Credit:
  • Interest rate can move up or down every 30 days, depending on the movement of the LIBOR index
  • LIBOR is a commonly recognized index that you can follow in the financial press.
1-Year Fixed Rate
This loan rate is fixed for 12 months, then resets at the end of the year to a 30-day variable rate.
  • You can reset the loan to another 1-year fixed rate period when the loan resets.   
  • Eliminates concerns of rising interest rates during the life of the loan.  
Do you qualify? Visit our Farm Financing Eligibility page for more information or request an Operating Loan Brochure. 

Resource Center

Interest Rates

To get the latest interest rate information, please contact your local Farm Credit Mid-America office at 1-800-444-3276. You may also find and contact your office through our Office Locator or send us an email.

Grant Requests

REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) provides grants and loan guarantees to ag producers and small farmers to help purchase renewable energy systems, make energy efficiency improvements and perform renewable energy feasibility studies. If you need a loan in combination with your grant, talk to us.  There is certain government criteria that has to be met by your lender in order to qualify for the programs.  We have the knowledge and resources to help. Here are some websites explaining the programs in detail.