From Kentucky to Iraq...and Back Again



Quincy Tennyson joined the Marine Corps after graduating from high school. Now, he's applying his leadership skills to his new job.

June 29, 2017    |    News Stories
Quincy Tennyson joined the Marine Corps after graduating from high school in 2006. Initially he was deployed to Iraq, but over the course of his stint with the Marines, he worked in many different countries in various IT-related positions before completing his tour in 2013.

After returning home, he attended the University of Louisville, graduating in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems (CIS). During college, Quincy interned at Farm Credit Mid-America for two summers; first with the infrastructure department and then with the process improvement and execution team. Currently he is a network engineer, helping to ensure alignment between Farm Credit Mid-America’s operating systems.


“It was a big transition to go from the Marine Corps to a corporate environment,” Quincy recalls. “The training I received at Farm Credit was actually just as helpful with making that transition as some of the leadership skills I received while in the Marines.

“Both Farm Credit and the Marine Corps have very clear missions. After interning here and now working full-time here, I know what Farm Credit does and how important that mission is. We help farmers, and farmers feed people. A mission as fundamental as that is very easy for me to identify with.”

360-degree coaching
Having mentors was important to Quincy, both during his time in the Marine Corps and now at Farm Credit. “It’s important to have someone who is an advocate, someone who can support you when things are tough,” he says. “Anytime you’re seeking out someone who can guide you in that way, that’s coaching. And anytime someone is willing to offer you the benefit of their experience, knowledge and wisdom, you really ought to take it.”

Quincy appreciates Farm Credit’s culture, which allows for coaching among all levels of the organization. For example, his supervisor has reached out to him for advice on delivering presentations, since that is one of Quincy’s strengths.

“A mission as fundamental as [Farm Credit's] is very easy for me to identify with.”

Quincy Tennyson
The power of technology
Every day, Quincy sees the value that Farm Credit technology brings to customers. One of his current projects is implementing a new phone system that will help customer service representatives respond to calls more easily. “We know that if a customer service rep has less stress when he or she answers a customer call, that customer is going to have a much better experience with Farm Credit,” he says.

He is also excited about working with the latest technology, including Cisco TelePresence Systems to facilitate conference calls for all offices across Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee; Cisco WebEx, which allows teams to meet anywhere with both voice and video technology and a highly virtualized datacenter. Farm Credit is also looking at using burgeoning technologies, including the Python programming language to automate routine infrastructure tasks and the Puppet software configuration management tool. As someone who specialized in application development in college, this is something Quincy is pretty amped up about.

“Farm Credit works with a lot of state-of-the-art technology. We serve rural communities, which are probably not where most people would expect to find the latest in tech. But today, many farmers are using very advanced technology to do their jobs better. So it’s not that much of a stretch at all.”

Quincy says the best thing about working at Farm Credit Mid-America is that leadership cares about and invests in its employees. In turn, employees invest in each other. “We treat each other like family, and our purpose is clear,” he says. “Farm Credit realizes that to be a successful organization, it has to put people first.”

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